Big Tobacco’s unrelenting campaign against our children


Pretty in Pink: Any surprise this Camel marketing campaign appeals to young girls?


Yes, Big Tobacco is still trying to get your children to smoke cigarettes, even though laws enjoin them to stop. How can they help it? They’ve got to replace all those smokers who quit or die. When you sell a product that kills half of all people who use it as directed, you’ve got to figure out a way to get new customers.

Here’s one of the latest:

Joe Camel had a sex change. Big Tobacco’s evil marketing geniuses have turned him into Jane Camel.

A study in the journal Pediatrics showed that RJ Reynolds’ pink-tinged Camel No. 9 marketing campaign, launched in 2007 — nearly a decade after Big Tobacco signed an agreement to stop targeting youth — targeted young girls. The study showed that in the year after the Camel No. 9 marketing campaign launch, the proportion of girls having a favorite cigarette ad rose by nearly 10 percentage points. And what was the new favorite ad? You guessed it. Camel. Nearly half of girls who said Camel was their favorite ad had no favorite ad prior to the Camel No. 9 campaign.

Australia has the answer. Under a government plan recently unveiled, cigarettes and all other tobacco products will be sold in plain packaging with minimal logos and no brand images or colors. Tobacco companies are screaming that will violate their intellectual property rights, and they’ll sue. The Australian prime minister said he won’t be intimidated by any such nonsense from Big Tobacco. Good on ya, mate!

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