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Marijuana addiction: MJ lobby vs. science

Is marijuana physically addictive or not? The MJ lobby says no. But medical science says otherwise. Who do you believe? Like almost all ballot measures and new laws, Proposition 19, California’s marijuana legalization initiative, includes many one-sided arguments and conjecture … Continue reading

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Two cheers for Fair Sentencing Act: Equality for rock and powder cocaine won’t help end the War on Drugs

The disparity between criminal sentencing for crack and powder cocaine was quite heinous; young black men carrying a rock or two got prison while young white men with a gram or two got probation. And that went on for years … Continue reading

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Menthol cigarettes: Is this racist?

    I’ve got a good one for the “Is it Racist?” segment on the popular Tosh.0 show on Comedy Central. How about the tobacco industry’s marketing of menthol cigarettes to African Americans, and the industry’s bulldog lobbying to protect … Continue reading

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