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Underage drinking: Telling kids about the dangers of blah blah blah doesn’t work

When you’re trying to change kids’ behavior, the least effective method is to tell them to change their behavior. Pretty much every parent knows this. But for some reason, when people think about prevention of underage drinking – or any … Continue reading

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Tony Gwynn’s cancer: Time for big leaguers to take responsibility for youngsters using smokeless tobacco

Tony Gwynn is San Diego’s favorite son. He’s like Ernie Banks to Chicago or Derek Jeter to New York, only San Diego is a smaller, more familiar kind of place, so our local heroes are much more real life-like. When … Continue reading

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Alcoholism isn’t the only alcohol problem: It’s not even the biggest alcohol problem

    “One in four US teens and young adults binge drink,” blared the headlines in USA Today. And many of those folks are imbibing a lot more than only five drinks in a couple of hours, the definition for … Continue reading

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Medical associations coming out against medical marijuana as the reality of state pot laws gets silly

    Medical marijuana is getting more and more ridiculous. And the news media, finally, is finally taking a more discriminating look at the whole issue. In the beginning, the media took a “wow, cool…” view of the subject, succumbing … Continue reading

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