Medical associations coming out against medical marijuana as the reality of state pot laws gets silly


Sickly children demand their medicine at a medical marijuana rally in Colorado


Medical marijuana is getting more and more ridiculous. And the news media, finally, is finally taking a more discriminating look at the whole issue. In the beginning, the media took a “wow, cool…” view of the subject, succumbing to that pervasive baby boomer marijuana romance that afflicts so many people, including reporters and editors. But now, the silliness of state medical marijuana laws is becoming overwhelming. It’s become obvious to nearly everyone that this is only about smoking pot.

For example:

  • In downtown Boulder, Colorado, adjacent to the University of Colorado and where businesses cater to college students, medical marijuana dispensaries are out of control. There are dozens of them, and they cater to young people, mostly students, who are usually very healthy and don’t need medical treatment for anything. Read this New York Times story and tell me if this is what medical marijuana laws intended.
  • In Montana, 90 percent of medical marijuana card holders are on the registry because of “chronic pain”, not for a serious medical illness. Less than 3 percent have cancer, AIDS or glaucoma. Chronic pain cannot be adequately diagnosed in the minute-long meetings with a pot doc that are the norm in medical marijuana states. Real chronic pain doctors do not recommend marijuana use.
  • DUI arrests involving marijuana have skyrocketed in Montana at the same time 

    California's biggest pot doc: Dr Jean Talleyrand made over $10 million in 5 years authorizing "patients" to smoke pot


    that the number of registered medical marijuana users rose from about 3,000 to 15,000.

Now, the real medical and patient organizations are coming out against medical marijuana.

In August, The Glaucoma Foundation warned patients against medical marijuana, stating that “medical experts believe that marijuana could actually prove harmful for glaucoma patients.”

Glaucoma is often cited by medical marijuana advocates because THC can lower the pressure inside the eye. But medical experts now say that marijuana could actually prove harmful for glaucoma patients:

“Marijuana only lowers pressure for several hours, requiring patients to continuously medicate day and night. Failing to do so can lead to a rebound spike in eye pressure, which can be damaging. There is also growing evidence that inadequate blood supply to the optic nerve may contribute to glaucoma damage. Since marijuana given systemically is known to lower blood pressure, it is possible that such an effect could lead to optic nerve damage.”

The American Glaucoma Society published an editorial in the February issue of the Journal of Glaucoma, stating that “marijuana… cannot be recommended without a long term trial which evaluates the health of the optic nerve.” The Glaucoma Society issued a position paper last year detailing its opposition to medical marijuana treatment for glaucoma.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society similarly has warned patients away from medical marijuana, following continued claims by medical marijuana advocates that it is a viable treatment for that disease.

The Society cannot at this time recommend that medical marijuana be made widely available to people with MS for symptom management. This decision was not only based on existing legal barriers to its use but, even more importantly, because studies to date do not demonstrate a clear benefit compared to existing symptomatic therapies and because issues of side effects, systemic effects, and long-term effects are not yet clear.

New research also is raising questions about using marijuana to treat HIV/AIDS-related symptoms. A Harvard study found that THC could enhance the ability of the virus that causes Kaposi’s Sarcoma to infect cells and multiply. AIDS patients are susceptible to developing Kaposi’s Sarcoma.

What about chronic pain, which is the most popular quickie diagnosis for marijuana cards?


Has any other medicine been regulated like this?


The National Pain Foundation says pain patients should avoid marijuana because it interferes with restful sleep. The foundation also says that while there may be a future in cannabinoid-based medications for pain, smoked marijuana has too many side effects and its hard to find the optimal dose for pain.

Anxiety is another common pot clinic diagnosis. But marijuana causes anxiety, rather than curing it. Lots of research shows this, but perhaps the best is a long-range study of teenagers in Australia published in the British Medical Journal. It showed that teens who smoked pot daily were five times more likely to develop anxiety and depressive disorders, while those who used the drug weekly were twice as likely. Psychiatrists do not recommend marijuana for patients with anxiety disorder.

The Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health have both said that smoked marijuana is not medicine. Burning leaves of anything and inhaling the smoke is carcinogenic. Besides, there are so many compounds within marijuana smoke, it’s very difficult to do rigorous scientific evaluations about the benefits of smoking marijuana. Cannabinoids have been found to have medicinal properties if they are separated out, tested and synthesized.

The AMA put it most clearly:

The patchwork of state-based systems that have been established for “medical marijuana” is woefully inadequate in establishing even rudimentary safeguards that normally would be applied to the appropriate clinical use of psychoactive substances. The future of cannabinoid-based medicine lies in the rapidly evolving field of botanical drug substance development, as well as the design of molecules that target various aspects of the endocannabinoid system.


Exactly who benefits from state medical marijuana laws?


Real science, real medicines and real medical treatment are the last things that medical marijuana advocates are interested in. They could care less about synthesized cannabinoid-based medications. They want to smoke marijuana, period. The media is finally taking a serious look at the hypocrisy of state medical marijuana laws, although the media itself helped create this monster.

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15 Responses to Medical associations coming out against medical marijuana as the reality of state pot laws gets silly

  1. TheDeacon says:

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Marijuana should be totally legal. It never should have been illegal because it is not dangerous. What is dangerous is the Black Market Mexican Cartels that are created via the gifts we give them by putting marijuana in Federal Schedule I and outlawing it. Without even any medical input allowed! Other countries in Europe such as Israel, Germany and The Netherlands make the U.S. look stupid. Even worse by denying scientific & medical facts and perpetuating lies i.e. Reefer Madness, America looks like some sort of Book Burning, Population Imprisoning, ignorant and afraid Nazi Regime from the Dark Ages. What the hell is everyone afraid of? If your afraid of marijuana being legal you need to see a psychiatrist! FACT: There is no known drug in today’s pharmacopoeia that controls chronic nausea & vomiting. All anti emitic drugs are for Acute short term use only. Because their side effects are lifelong and fatal. I suffer from Diabetic Neuropathic Gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) and I am a 57 year old male. My friend has Chronic Vomiting Syndrome. For both of these conditions there is nothing, that is nothing that can be prescribed to help. Only inhaled marijuana vapors/smoke gives safe, effective and immediate releif of chronic nausea & vomiting. To deny us Medical Marijuana is tantamount to a slow death sentence. Thanks a lot America.

  2. Robert Chase says:

    Witless propagandist! “Sickly child”! Your article is “ridiculous”, “silly”, “out of control”. You falsify the science related to cannabis — there is no evidence that the use of cannabis (even the smoking of it) is carcinogenic. There are doctors more interested in science than shoring up Prohibition; we just hosted the Plant Medicine Expo in Denver and heard some of the exciting current medical research demonstrating that cannabis is not addictive and may have wide application in the treatment of chronic pain, nausea, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other conditions. There is no excuse for your ignorant, dismissive attitude towards cannabis in general and the medical use of cannabis in particular. As a scientifically literate citizen actively involved in trying to defend patients and caregivers’ rights under Article XVIII, Section 14 of Colorado’s Constitution, I cannot express the depth of my contempt for your prohibitionist cant.

    Robert D. Chase
    Colorado Coalition for Patients and Caregivers
    (720) 213-6497

  3. Hear Hear Robert! We as a legal cannabis therapy community of thousands are about to Rise UP at the voting booths across this land and show compassion for medical benefit

  4. Jeff Blum says:

    Very telling grin on the mug of the $10 million doctor. Looks like the law has been good for him…sort of a modern day Al Capone. (Probably not all that violent but laid back, man).

    • Hank says:

      Once again, Jim Gogek thinks people should only be allowed to use and sale alcohol, a much more dangerous substance mind you. Gogek’s silly and immature blogs only put his “public safety” credibility on the rocks (no pun intended).

  5. MMJ says:

    Prohibition has never worked. Marijuana only became illegal in the US in the late 30’s, and all you have to do is watch Boardwalk Empire to see how well alcohol prohibition worked.

    • jgogek says:

      Boardwalk Empire is a fictional television show and therefore not a very good reference.

      • MMJ says:

        Boardwalk Empire is as accurate a depiction of the follies of prohibition as you’ll read in any book.

        But for the non-MTV generation of those among us, here’s a direct quote from Marijuana by William Goodwin, Drug Education Library, (58-59) Copyright 2002 Lucent Books. ISBN:1-56006-916-3

        Today alcohol prohibition is generally viewed as a total failure. Prohibition not only failed to prevent alcohol consumption, but making the alcohol business illegal put it in control of criminals who used increasingly violent means to control the market. Alcohol prohibition created a hug illegal business with extensive smuggling and secret domestic manufacturing operations. Illegality increased the prices of alcohol and the huge profits that resulted made alcohol smugglers and dealers very wealthy. The dealers and smugglers, in turn, commonly used their riches to bribe police and government officials into ignoring their illegal activities.

        But alcohol prohibition pales in comparison to the failure that is Marijuana prohibition. (Actually cannabis. Marijuana is a made up pejorative term used to demonize cannabis, promote racism, and incite fear.)

  6. TheDeacon says:

    Excellently said MMJ. I especially like your last line. Pointing out the fact that just the word, “Marijuana” is a form of Reefer Madness! In reality Cannabis is not a drug as “opium” is a drug or other FDA approved prescription “drugs.” Meaning that “Cannabis” does not effect your CNS and breathing as do opiates. This is the why Cannabis is benign, it will not slow your heart, breathing as opiates and barbituates do. Cannabis, no matter how much is consumed, will not kill you.

    • jgogek says:

      It is absolutely wrong to say that marijuana does not affect the central nervous system (CNS). You wouldn’t smoke marijuana if it DIDN’T affect the central nervous system. The center of the CNS is the brain, and that’s where marijuana intoxication occurs!

      • TheDeacon says:

        Better put “Marijuana does NOT effect you Central Nervous System as does other drugs both legal & illegal such as Opiates i.e. Marijuana does not interfere with your breathing and other vital life CNS functions that are actually changed via the use of Opiates and other drugs like diazepams. That is why they kill and marijuana does not.

      • TheDeacon says:

        Correct better put there are no CB1 or CB2 Receptors for cannabis in the body’s Brain Stem where breathing and other vital auto body functions are affected to the point of death. That is why cannabis has never killed and never will kill anyone.

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