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A doctor’s opinion: Medical marijuana should never be smoked

[Dear readers, This post is by my brother, Ed Gogek, MD, an Arizona physician who was very active in opposing Arizona’s new medical marijuana law. The following excerpt was written as comment on new regulations for the AZ law. His … Continue reading

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Lower the minimum drinking age to reduce college binge drinking? Studies show that’s as crazy as it sounds

With almost no evidence to back up their theory, a group of college presidents, nearly all from private schools, have been pushing to lower the drinking age because they think that would reduce binge drinking on their campuses. It’s called … Continue reading

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Want to end stigma? Stop talking about how addiction is a disease and start treating it like one

You’d think after all these years of talking about how alcoholism is a disease – the AMA declared it so in 1956 — the stigma of being an alcoholic would go away… or at least recede significantly. But no, it … Continue reading

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