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Jim Gogek

Problems caused by alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) plague our society, touching everybody’s lives. Many of these problems already have answers, which can be found in the vast record of research on substance abuse.

Unfortunately, this research rarely finds its way into the public debate, so beliefs arise and laws get passed often without the benefit of this established body of science.

Atodblog.com is a discussion about how the science of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can change the world we live in. I’ll start the discussion, but I need your to help finish it. That’s what comments are for.

I’m a veteran journalist who has written about research-based solutions to ATOD problems for 20 years. I’ve completed two fellowships on communicating about substance abuse and worked as communications director for a national substance abuse research institute, director of an underage drinking prevention program and communications consultant to health organizations. I’m also on the board of the San Diego chapter of the American Lung Association of California.

All points of view are welcome in comments to atodblog.com, but please try to cite your sources. If you have ATOD research that needs exposure, want your website added to my blogroll, or need any other communication about this blog, please email me at atodblog@gmail.com.


2 Responses to About atodblog.com

  1. Tim Cermak says:

    I looked through the topics and found that many were interesting and news-worthy, but I was not sure that they advanced my scientific understanding.

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