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“…Drugged driving is a highway safety threat on the level of drunk driving”

Marijuana legalization is the wrong way to go in the search for a better drug policy. We need policies that reduce drug use, not policies like legalization that increase drug use. Continue reading

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Legalization may mean more drugged driving — and more drunk-drugged driving

With the legalization of marijuana, more people will be smoking marijuana, so drugged driving will likely increase. The marijuana lobby likes to suggest that more people smoking weed will mean fewer people drinking – therefore, less drunk driving. But researchers say there’s no evidence of that. So, we will probably have an increase in drugged driving while drinking and driving remains the same. If so, it follows that drinking and drugging while driving may increase. That’s not a good situation, to put it mildly. Continue reading

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After legalization, the powerful marijuana lobby would kill marijuana taxes. Just ask the San Diego City Council…

By Jim Gogek Advocates for legal marijuana promise that we could tax the heck out of it to pay for any costs it might create, such as the costs of treating the increased number of people addicted to marijuana. But … Continue reading

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Marijuana vs. Alcohol: A made-up story brought to you by the MJ lobby

    One of the craziest arguments from the marijuana lobby is that young people should smoke marijuana because it’s less dangerous than alcohol. We were recently subjected to the strange spectacle of a group of mothers in Colorado pushing … Continue reading

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