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Is alcohol good for you? Can’t tell for sure… (But we KNOW it can be bad for you)

Can alcohol consumption be good for your health? The answer is – it’s impossible to know. A recent study in the British Medical Journal says that many studies showing health benefits to alcohol are very probably wrong. The reason is that … Continue reading

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Is there “proof” that AA works? There’s certainly a ton of evidence…

Of course, people who go to AA couldn’t care less about the research; they just know what works for them. True, AA doesn’t work for everybody. But then, many treatments for other chronic diseases work for some but not others. We know alcoholism is a chronic disease. The research shows that AA is an effective treatment for it. Continue reading

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Ignition interlock for all DUIs: A idea whose time has come

By Jim Gogek Ignition interlock is an affront to many Americans for who believe that their car is an extension of their individual rights. Adding a device that stops people from driving whenever they want to seems downright sacrilegious. The … Continue reading

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Free will doesn’t work with addiction, and science shows why

By Jim Gogek A lot of people stigmatize addiction by talking about bad choices and free will. Folks in recovery and addiction treatment professionals have known for decades that free will can’t help an addict choose not to drink or … Continue reading

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