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Big Tobacco: The biggest and most willing liar

By Jim Gogek In the film noir The Naked City, Detective Muldoon tells the smarmy Frank Niles, “…you are probably the biggest and most willing liar I have ever met.” Muldoon never met the modern day tobacco industry. In its … Continue reading

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After legalization, the powerful marijuana lobby would kill marijuana taxes. Just ask the San Diego City Council…

By Jim Gogek Advocates for legal marijuana promise that we could tax the heck out of it to pay for any costs it might create, such as the costs of treating the increased number of people addicted to marijuana. But … Continue reading

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Some good news from California: Smoking is waaaay down!

By Jim Gogek These days, Californians don’t hear a lot of  good news about our state, not with budget cuts decimating our once vaunted education system, our parks and other public services. But one thing we’ve done right is quit … Continue reading

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